ABOUT iBoard Repair


     Data Recovery – This is our specialty.  We are THE BEST at getting data off of an iPhone. Our method is not a secret, it is just difficult. We get the iPhone in a state good enough to boot and trust the computer!

     **Note: Data will be provided on flashdrives in organized folders that you can click through. Upon request, you will also be provided with an itunes backup from which you can restore to a new iPhone, making an exact copy of your old onto your new.


     Touch IC / Touch Disease / No touch – We have found the permanent solution to no touch. We have found that a single pad underneath the touch IC disconnects from its trace. We lift the chip, run a jumper from the pad to its via, then replace the chip. With this method, you never see the problem again!  SEE PICTURES OF THIS TECHNIQUE AT OUR BLOG.


     Backlight repair / Dim Screen (sometimes can be mistaken for no image / no power) - We can do the entire circuit if necessary. This includes filter, capacitors, diodes, coils, and IC. SEE PICTURES OF THIS TECHNIQUE AT OUR BLOG.

     No Power / Doesn't turn on - We check for vcc_main short first, then batt_vcc short second. Next, we inject voltage through the battery connector to see what the amperage draw is doing. Our interpretations of the readings leads us down several paths from here.  Amp draw before prompt to boot indicates a main power rail short. Low amp draw indicates that something is stopping the cpu from booting, usually a pmic output short. Many small signals dictate the route we take.


     No Service / “Searching” – This is the biggest, most complicated circuit in the iPhone.  However, after much research, we have found the most common solutions and are confident in our ability to fix this problem! SEE PICTURES OF THIS TECHNIQUE AT OUR BLOG.


     No Image (sometimes can be mistaken for no power) – We check for CHESTNUT voltages first, 5.7v and -5.7v. Next we check for pp1v8_conn voltage. If those are bad we will check the LCM_TO_CHESTNUT_PWR_EN_CONN, AP_TO_LCM_RESET_CONN_L, and PMU_TO_PHOTON_ALIVE_CONN voltages. If I still have no image I will check the data filters, some more obscure resistors and lastly, replace the connector itself.


     No Charge (Sometimes mistaken as no power) – This is usually the case of a bad charging IC caused by aftermarket charging cables.


     Water Damage – Typically, water damage will only be accepted for the purpose of data recovery.


     These are only the most common repairs, please contact us for any other repairs you may need!

Aaron Harrington - iPhone Micro Soldering

From humble beginnings, we simply love technology and repair! Microsoldering and iPhone board repair is not taught, therefore, only those who feel the calling do it!  Company founded by Aaron Harrington

iPhone 6s wifi short
iPhone 6 CPU
iPhone 6 Plus touch disease / touch ic with jumper