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iPhone Data Recovery

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recover data from a broken iPhone that won't turn on?

Is there a way to retrieve data from a water damaged iPhone?

How much does it cost to recover data from a broken iPhone?

How to transfer data from one iPhone to another if one is broken?

Can I recover data from iPhone with broken screen?

The CPU Swap

iPhones are our specialty and we are the best with them.  iPhone Data Recovery is accomplished by performing micro-soldering on the motherboard to repair the broken power and data lines.  We are experts at the full "CPU Swap" procedure, which involves moving the CPU, NAND, and logic EEPROM from a damaged logic board to a fresh one.


This method is the most effective strategy for Water Damaged iPhone Data Recovery and Broken iPhone Data Recovery.  We do not use software methods, as those do not work for iPhones that won't turn on.


We are successful on iPhones that have been deemed a “critical unrecoverable error” by competing technicians. If your data is important, send your iPhone to us.

Please check how we provide your data at our Using Your Backup page.

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