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MacBook Data Recovery

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MacBook Data Recovery Expert

Expanding our expertise from iPhones, we now offer MacBook data recovery services. With the introduction of encrypted memory paired to CPUs in MacBooks, motherboard repair is the most effective way to recover data. We apply the same meticulous approach and microsoldering techniques to repair MacBook motherboards as we do for iPhones.

This method ensures the highest success rate for data recovery from newest generation MacBooks with damaged logic boards, whether due to water damage, impact, or other causes. Trust our specialists to provide the best MacBook data recovery solutions.


The Process


Intake Form

Please provide your information and information about your device. You will be sent a fedex label after intake is received.


Mail Your Device

Drop off the device at a fedex location or call for pickup. You may use any carrier you like if you do not wish to use the label.​




You will receive a notification upon receiving the device,  and upon completion of work.



Upon completion, you will receive proof of recovery and an invoice that can be paid with any card. Once payment is complete, the device & data are mailed back.

Dedicated & Skilled MacBook
Data Recovery Specialists

The top choice for data recovery from damaged or unresponsive MacBooks

Data loss in MacBooks can occur for several reasons, such as internal component failures, liquid spills, or physical impacts. When the logic board is affected, data recovery requires precise repairs of damaged voltage lines using microsoldering techniques.

At iBoard Repair, we know that each MacBook data recovery case is unique, which is why we've dedicated ourselves to understanding voltage lines and schematics to identify and address issues at the micro-component level. Our expertise sets us apart, making us your trusted choice for data recovery in various scenarios, including liquid damage, accidents, and component failure.

Choosing the Right Data Recovery Service

When looking for MacBook data recovery services, it's crucial to choose an expert who understands the unique requirements of MacBook recovery. Our experience with iPhones is beneficial due to similarities in recovery techniques. Traditional data recovery companies focus on HDDs, RAIDS, SSD's and similar. However, new MacBooks are much more similar to iPhones when it comes to recovering data because memory is no longer removable from MacBook logic boards. This means repairing the motherboard is the only reliable way to access the data.

To evaluate a potential data recovery company, read customer reviews. iBoard Repair takes pride in our strong reputation, evidenced by numerous 5-star reviews from satisfied clients who have entrusted us with their iPhone and MacBook data recovery needs. If considering another provider, check their reviews, especially those related to MacBook recovery, to ensure they possess the necessary experience.

At iBoard Repair, we have honed our skills in Apple data recovery and have successfully extended our expertise to Newest Generation MacBook data recovery. You can trust us to deliver the highest level of service and the most effective recovery processes.

To understand our proficiency and to better establish trust, it is highly recommended to view our Youtube channel for detailed demonstrations. Also visit our blog to see an example of a successful diagnosis and recovery. iBoard Data Recovery can be trusted to provide you the most effective, complete, and reliable data recovery service and experience.

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MacBook Pro & Air (2017 - 2019): $799

MacBook Pro & Air (2020 & Newer): $999

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