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iPhone Data Recovery

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The data has always been the most irreplaceable and valuable aspect of your iPhone. This is not new. Data recovery companies have been around for a long time for devices such as computers, laptops, hard drives, and even nand chips. However, newer phones now have encrypted data that is only accessible upon booting the device and entering the passcode. Traditional methods that other companies have been using for other, older devices no longer work. What this means is that the only path to data lies in making the device turn on and work. iPhone voltage lines are very complicated and scarcely understood. At iBoard Repair, our priority has been understanding how these lines interact and diagnosing complex problems.  Hard Drive companies do not specialize in iPhone Data Recovery and we have been able to recover many phones that were deemed unsuccessful by them. Data is also not available through software, as other companies may suggest. If your data is truly important, send the iPhone to us.

Microsoldering, Motherboard Repair, and Logic Board Repair

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We are extremely happy to offer data recovery for the i7 boot loop problem that causes error 4013 upon update!

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Water Damage for Data Recovery Only

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Water damage is one of the most common killers of iPhones.  However, it is one of the most recoverable problems when it comes to Data Recovery. Even if it has been to multiple other companies, we are THE BEST at Water Damage Data Recovery. Most of the time for severe water damage, the phone will not work after.  There will always be secondary issues because of the water damage such as unreliable service, camera, wifi, touch, or anything and everything else.  Because of this, water damaged phones will only be worked on for the purpose of data recovery. However, we WILL be able to provide you with your data along with an iTunes backup from which to restore to a new phone. This will make your new phone an exact copy of your old.