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iPhone Motherboard Repair

iPhone X Motherboard

We Fix iPhone Motherboards

iPhone motherboards are some of the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment that modern consumers have access to. They pack a maze of intersecting voltage lines, controlling a multitude of different functions, into a tiny area inside your iPhone. Everything that your iPhone can do is controlled by the motherboard; it acts as the brain.  Once the iPhone X was released it became clear that iPhone Motherboard Repair and would become even more common. It is a stacked interposer type logic board that can be prone to voltage line disconnects. UNABLE TO ACTIVATE and NO SOUND DURING CALLS are both examples of iPhone XS Max Motherboard voltage line disconnects. 

There are a few ways that iPhone motherboards will typically fail:


Over time, flexion of the iPhone can break the voltage line traces causing disconnects. When this happens, a jumper wire is used to manually reconnect the broken line. The problem is gradual and usually happens without you noticing. 

High Impact

A cracked screen is not the only possible outcome from a dropped phone. If your phone suffers a severe drop or is crushed it is likely that the motherboard will also be damaged. Capacitors become shorted, coils become loose, and chips become smashed. 

Spontaneous Failure / Voltage Spike

Sometimes it is unclear why the logic board failed. Often, a capacitor will be found shorted on power lines for seemingly no reason.

Water Damage

Water will wreak havoc to a motherboard. In most cases, a motherboard that has been damaged by water will show problems for the rest of its lifetime, even if repaired. For this reason the best solution is to perform IPHONE DATA RECOVERY if you do not have a backup and purchase a new phone.

Technician Damage

It is also common for iPhone Repair Shops to damage the motherboard during routine screen replacements. If the battery is not unplugged or a small component is accidentally knocked off then it is likely that image or touch will fail, or the phone may not turn on at all.

USB C Failure (iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max)

With Apple's move to USB-C, we are finding that aftermarket or bad USB-C charging cables are damaging the iPhone 15 series motherboards. This failure will cause the iPhone to no longer charge as well as for the touch screen to no longer register touch inputs.

iPhone X Motherboard Repair

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Broken iPhone Motherboard

Causes These Problems:

No Power / Dead iPhone - Most iPhone logic boards problems will manifest in the most simple way, a phone that does not work.

iPhone Boot Loop - This refers to when an iPhone will not fully turn on, instead only showing a repeating apple logo. All new iPhones, from iPhone X to iPhone 15 Pro Max, are especially vulnerable to apple logo boot looping because of their stacked motherboard design.

Audio IC / No Sound / iPhone Sound Not Working - The iPhone 7 Audio IC was a wide spread problem causing many people to suffer from audio issues. It affected a great number of iPhone 7, however, it can also be seen in other models.

Touchscreen Not Working / No Touch - Your phone will turn on but the touch function will not register anything. This is most recently common in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. 

No Service / No Signal - All iPhone Logic Board models have suffered from no service problems manifesting from a very complicated baseband circuit. It is a huge and complicated circuit with many components that can fail in a variety of ways.

Will Not Charge - Especially with the release of USB-C charging models, a common problem is a damaged charging IC that results in an iPhone that will not take or charge or that will "false charge". For example, your iPhone 15 Pro/Max may only appear to charge while it is completely dead.

The motherboard controls every function of the phone. Because of this, any problem that occurs has the potential to stem from the motherboard. Please fill out the Intake Form for inquiries.

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