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iPhone 6 Plus error 9 anti rollback eeprom communication failure

Step 1: Grind through the ground plane of the SDRAM

Error 9

Step 2: Switch to razor blade and start carefully scraping through the top layer of the CPU

iPhone 6 Plus Error 9

Step 3: Expose CPU Traces

iPhone 6 Plus Motherboard Repair

Step 4: Tin the via

iPhone 6 Plus Data Recovery

Step 5: Carefully apply solder mask to more easily connect jumper wire

iPhone 6 Plus Logic Board Repair

Step 6: Attach jumper wire

iPhone 6 Plus Microsoldering

Step 7: Attach jumper to resistor in order to reconnect broken line

iPhone 6 Plus Mother Board Repair

Step 8: Appy solder mask to protect circuit

Error 9

Dead iPhone 6 Plus

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