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iPhone XR Data Recovery - Water Damage

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

It came as a board only, initial inspection shows that another shop took off the back shield. Upon connecting to dcps and double checking with a multimeter, a short is found on vdd main.

This next picture was the first problem area worked on. A few short caps were around the camera ic so they were removed. After removal, vdd main was still short. The ic iself was removed as well to clear the corrosion underneath. However after that, vdd main was still full short.

The front shield was removed next to reveal more shorted caps. After removing these, vdd main was now only partial short instead of full.

I injected voltage into main next to show me the ic causing the final problem. After removing the ic, vdd main was clear and the phone was able to boot.

This job just came down to chasing down a main line short. These ic's were for camera and audio functions and not needed for data recovery, which is why the could simply be removed to clear the problems they were causing.

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