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Using DC Power supply to generate heat and identify shorted components

Without the proper knowledge, identifying a shorted component is very difficult when the shorted line is very big. These clips show how the combination of freeze spray and a DC Power Supply can easily show which component is short once the net line is identified.

This phone had a short on VDD_BOOST. It is a new line for the i7 series. It was found using multimeter and probing around for short capacitors. Once line was found, I used method shown in video to identify the individual component that was short.

This is another example of using the method. In the video, you do not see second probe touching ground, however it is. It is just out of frame.

This is a short that is still disguised. The heat is showing up at the coil, but it is what the coil connects to that was actually short. This coil does not touch ground on its own, so it cannot be the reason for the short itself, it must be what it connects to.

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