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How to fix an iPhone 15 Pro 'Touch Not Working' and 'Not Charging'

The iPhone 15 series has a major problem. It is the first generation of iPhones that have a USB-C port. However, if you use an old or aftermarket USB-C charger instead of Apple's, we are seeing damage to the motherboard. This damage results in an iPhone that no longer has touch function and will no longer charge normally.

iPhone 15 Pro "false charging"
"False Charging" is when battery never goes past 0%

Aside from the false charging you are likely to see, which will show you a charging icon but never actually raise the battery percentage, you will also notice you cannot swipe up to open the phone and that the touch screen is completely unresponsive. This damage is more of a problem then it would normally be because in this iteration of iPhone our charging IC is paired to another chip. What this means in practical terms is that we can no longer buy a new chip and replace the damaged charging IC. If we want to save the data from the phone, what we must do instead is use an entire donor motherboard in order to replace the damaged IC with one that already has a known pair. We have found if you transfer both the charging ic and the paired encryption chip from a donor motherboard, we can bring back charging and touch functionality, as well as recover data from the iPhone, as pictured below:

Paired chips from a donor motherboard are required

I have demonstrated this entire process at my youtube channel: The good news if that if are a customer who has ran into this problem, iBoard Repair can still fix your phone and save your data! Please fill out the intake form at our website to send in your device:

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