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Owner Bio - Aaron Harrington

I'm Aaron. I'm the owner and lead technician of iBoard Repair, a dedicated iPhone data recovery service renowned for its reliability, affordability, and expertise. My journey started from a place of need: I recognized that the market was missing a company that combined top-tier technical skills with trustworthy, customer-oriented service. Motivated to fill this gap, I embarked on a path of self-taught mastery, using every resource available—from YouTube videos to facebook groups—to learn the intricate art of iPhone motherboard repair and data recovery.

Starting with minimal resources, my journey has been marked by determination and a relentless focus on continual improvement. I purchased my equipment piece by piece, reinvesting the profits from each phone I fixed back into the business. This not only allowed me to keep up with the technical demands of my trade but also helped me to understand, deeply and personally, the value of each tool I use.

Beyond my technical skills, I believe that my obsession with the work is what truly sets me apart. With every new iPhone model that hits the market, I face new challenges that require both a sharp mind and a steady hand. My fascination with these problems extends beyond work hours; I often find myself mulling over solutions in my downtime, reflecting on the day's challenges as I go to sleep and wondering about new approaches as I wake up. This passion goes beyond mere financial gain; it's about solving the problems nobody else can and becoming the best in my field.

My business philosophy is based on precision and integrity. I strive to approach every challenge with a clear mind and sharp focus because I understand that my customer is trusting me with priceless memories and the motherboard is easily ruined by the careless technician.

Looking ahead, I'm driven by a vision of a market that values the work of skilled technicians over the convenience of middlemen. My goal is to lead this change, cultivating a new standard of trust and expertise in iPhone motherboard repair and data recovery. At iBoard Repair, we are pioneers and innovators, dedicated to our craft and committed to our customers.

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