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iPhone Data Recovery

No Recovery, No Fee

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iPhone Data Recovery Expert

iPhones are our specialty and we are the best with them.  iPhone Data Recovery is accomplished by performing microsoldering on the motherboard to repair the broken power and data lines.  We are experts at the full "CPU Swap" procedure, which involves moving the CPU, NAND, and logic EEPROM from a damaged logic board to a fresh one.


This method is the most effective strategy for Water Damaged iPhone Data Recovery and Broken iPhone Data Recovery.  We do not use software methods, as those do not work for iPhones that won't turn on.


We are successful on iPhones that have been deemed a “critical unrecoverable error” by competing technicians. If your data is important, send your iPhone to us.

Please check how we provide your data at our Using Your Backup page.


The Process


Intake Form

Please provide your information and information about your device. You will be sent a fedex label after intake is received.


Mail Your Device

Drop off the phone at a fedex location or call for pickup. You may use any carrier you like if you do not wish to use the label.​

iBoard Repair
8858 Walker St
Cypress, CA 90630



You will receive a notification upon receiving the device,  and upon completion of work.



Upon completion, you will receive proof of recovery and an invoice that can be paid with any card. Once payment is complete, the device & data are mailed back.

Trusted & Experienced iPhone Data Recovery Specialists

We are the best for water damage or flat dead iPhones

There are many reasons why you may not have access to your data.  Most commonly, your iPhone is dropped into water or has suffered a severe impact. When these events happen, the logic board within the iPhone becomes damaged and voltage lines break or short out.

When your logic board is damaged, the only reliable method to recover your data is to repair the broken voltage lines on the logic board by microsoldering under a microscope. 

At iBoard Repair, we understand that every case is unique and there are no cookie-cutter solutions to recover data from a damaged iPhone. That's why we have developed a deep understanding of iPhone's voltage lines and schematics; in order to identify and fix the missing voltages at a micro component level. This level of expertise sets us apart from other companies and makes us the best choice for data recovery after water damage, extreme impact, or spontaneous failure.

We are leaders in the industry

With over a decade of experience, iBoard Data Recovery has been on the frontlines of pioneering new techniques and procedures for successful iPhone data recoveries. Even among other experts, we are sought after for advice and insight into difficult cases.


To understand our proficiency and to better establish trust, it is highly recommended to view our Youtube channel for detailed demonstrations. Also visit our blog to see an example of a successful diagnosis and recovery. iBoard Data Recovery can be trusted to provide you the most effective, complete, and reliable data recovery service and experience.

Choosing the Right Data Recovery Service

When it comes to iPhone data recovery, it's important to choose a company that specializes on iPhone. Many hard drive data recovery companies may accept jobs for iPhones, but they may not have the expertise and specialized processes necessary for successful recoveries. To ensure the best results, it's recommended to select a company that focuses specifically on iPhone recoveries. Hard drive data recovery and iPhone data recovery are fundamentally different, requiring different approaches and techniques.

One way to assess the quality of a potential data recovery company is to read customer reviews. At iBoard Repair, we have a strong reputation, with 5-star reviews from satisfied customers who had their iPhone data recovered by our specialists. If you are considering another company, it's helpful to check their reviews and look for feedback specifically related to iPhone recoveries. If the reviews are primarily for other types of devices, it may indicate that the company has limited experience with iPhone recoveries.

At iBoard Repair, we ONLY work with iPhones, so you can be confident that we have the highest level of expertise and the most specialized processes for successful iPhone recoveries.

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Straight Forward Flat Rate Pricing

iPhone XS series and older: $550 Standard Speed; $700 Rush Speed

iPhone 11 - iPhone 13 series: $650 Standard Speed; $800 Rush Speed

iPhone 14 series: $750 Standard Speed; $900 Rush Speed

Extreme Damage: $1200 (usually applies to snapped boards)

Check how your data is formatted for you here

Standard speed is 3 - 4 weeks, rush speed is 3 days.

The only other charges will be for shipping and for the storage device.

Payment is due at the time of work completion.

Data Recovery Intake Form

Mail in recovery available

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8858 Walker Street, Cypress, CA 90630  |  
Tel: 714-900-6098
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