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We are the place to go if you have already been told that your data cannot be recovered.  iPhone Data Recovery is accomplished by performing microsoldering on the motherboard to repair the broken power and data lines. This is most practical when extreme impact or exposure to water has damaged the logic board.  We do not use software methods, most of which achieve no results. We have recovered data from many iPhones that have been deemed a “critical unrecoverable error” by competing technicians. If your data is important, you want to send your iPhone to us.

THe Process


Intake Form

Please provide your information and information about your device.


Mail Your Device

After completing the intake form, you will receive a fedex shipping label. Drop off the phone at a fedex location or call for pickup. You may use any carrier you like if you do not wish to use the label.

iBoard Repair

8858 Walker St

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You will receive a notification upon receiving the device and upon completion of work.



Upon completion, you will receive an invoice that can be paid with any card. Once payment is complete, device & data are mailed back.

Straight Forward Flat Rate Pricing

iPhone 8 series and lower: $350 Standard Speed; $450 Rush Speed

iPhone X series and higher: $450 Standard Speed; $550 Rush Speed

Other devices: Request a quote

Data is provided on a flashdrive in two forms. One folder will contain your raw data in easily labelled folders such as camera roll, contacts, notes, sms (texts), voicemails, voice memos, etc. The other folder will contain an iTunes backup that can be used to create a copy of your old phone onto your new one.  You will also receive instructions on how to do so, however some computer knowledge is required. If you cannot make use of the backup, you will still have the raw data available. You may provide your own flashdrive or you will be charged for the smallest size needed. Rush speed is 3 days of working time (not including shipping) while standard speed is up to 3 weeks of working time. There is an additional $80 charge for phones with over 200GB of data. 

Data Recovery Intake Form

8858 Walker Street, Cypress, CA 90630    aaron@iboardrepair.com  |  Tel: 714-900-6098



We are considering partnering with other pro technicians in the area to start a microsoldering class here in Southern California. Please let us know if you would have interest!



8858 Walker St

Cypress, CA 90630

Tel: 714.900.6098

Email: aaron@iboardrepair.com

Disclaimer: If your phone has been found to be previously restored / wiped after work is completed, full payment is still required.